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Xiaomi Jimmy F6 Hair Dryer 1800W Electric Portable Negative ion Noise Reducing

High-speed turbo

The 17-leaf high-speed turbofan digital hair dryer produces a powerful airflow of up to 18L/s, which blows hair 30% faster than other digital hair dryers, ensuring quick drying of the hair and avoiding excessive heat damage.

PID intelligent heat control technology

PID intelligent thermal control technology can measure air temperature more than 50 times per second, ensuring that the outlet temperature is 95 ° C, avoiding loss of hair moisture and keeping hair smooth and shiny.

U type double-layer heating wire

Innovative U-shaped double layer heating wire. Effectively ensure that the outlet temperature is more uniform, prevent uneven heating or overheating, and protect the hair.

Noise reducing

The 17-leaf high-speed turbofan digital motor significantly reduces the noise generated, leaving only the airflow.

Nano ultrasonic technology

Nanoi technology absorbs moisture from the air, injects moisture-rich ions into the hair, and enhances the suppleness and luster of the hair.

Variety modes and settings

A variety of modes and settings to satisfy your need for styling different hair types.

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