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WS – 960 Smart Robotic Window Cleaner – Silver

Smart Window Cleaning Machine

Clean windows in high-rise places. Wipes back to the origin automatically.

Smart chip automatically cleaning

"N", "Z", "N+Z", three cleaning routes freely change, wipe out dust thoroughly.

Long-time high-efficiency cleaning 

Reinforced and non-slip track band, avoids slippery and skipping phenomenon, clearly clean windows.

2800 PA strong suction

Firmly climbs on the glass. Even a 7kg water bottle cannot drag it to fall off.

Avoids stuck in frame edge

Adopts motion current sensing system, more accurately detect window frame, avoiding stuck in frame edge.

30 Min endurance after electricity cut off

Suck still on glass for 30 min and send an alarm when the electricity suddenly cut off.

4 LEDs indicating remaining power

Users can know the remaining power and how long the robot will still suck on windows.

Anti-slip and anti-skip while wiping windows

The reinforced band avoids getting loose, keeps strong wiping power. 

Over 400 hour of continuous working time

Much longer than other cleaning machines. And low noise, no interference.


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