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Twotrees Totem 2.5 Laser Engraving Machine 7.5W 20W Open Structure Motherboard 390×320 Engraving Area

Stable Operation

There is no gap between the pulley and the 90 ° track, and it is matched with the arrangement of the triangular pulley, so that the machine runs smoothly and has good stability.

Adjustable Laser Head

Using high quality laser head, support continuous adjustable software, control laser intensity, realize versatile. 0.01mm high precision engraving, can easily print any pictures.

High Quality

aluminum alloy and acrylic body, fine workmanship, durable and wear-resistant, long service life. Original components mounted in the environment, stable quality.

Flexible Use

Open structure motherboard with pins reserved for self-development and correspondence. Replaceable laser module, can install other modules to achieve different laser power.

Wide Application

high intensity laser, widely used in various materials, such as wood, plastic, paper, bamboo, horn, leather, sponge paper, etc. It comes with a pair of safety glasses to protect your eyes from laser injury.

Easy to Use

easy to assemble and use. Just connect it to the computer, you can use your own creativity to print any design you like, compatible with Windows XP / 7/8/10.

Safety Concerns

The first is obvious: the laser literally burns things. Never leave the Totem S unattended for any period time, and it's worth investing in an automatic fire suppression system like a "fire ball", as well as keeping some sort of water spritzer to hand.

Second: keep kids away and always wear laser safety goggles. I've never had a problem with my young son being around 3D printers, despite the presence of a hot end that reaching temperatures in excess of 200C. It's easy to explain "don't touch that, it'll burn you". Kids get that. But "don't look at that, it could blind you" is a lot harder concept to explain. A low-power laser pointer can cause serious eye damage; the Totem S is many times more powerful than even the most powerful legally permitted laser pointer. If the beam hits a reflective surface, there is a very real chance of permanent eye damage.

Lastly, fumes. Depending on what you're engraving or cutting, the fumes may either be relatively harmless wood smoke; or toxic from certain types of plastic. Precisely how dangerous these fumes are is hotly debated, but in any case, I've found nearly every type of material will stink up the house for weeks, so it's well worth putting the Totem S inside of a fume extractor cupboard, or sticking it next to an open window with a fan on it.


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