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Twotrees Sapphire Pro SP-3 CoreXY High Resolution Professional Cube 3D Printer DIY Kit Print Size 235x235x235mm – Standard Model

SP-3 is one CoreXY 3D printer designed for DIY enthusiasts and professionals with higher printing speed and more accuracy. Following are some highlighted features that make this model stand out in the market.

1.Structure design entirely in sheet metal for high stability; 3.5 inch color LCD touch screen, easy to understand and use.

2.Double turbo fans; BMG double gear extruder, strong extrusion force, smooth feeding.

3.Hot bed fixed on the z axis, less movement and less failure points. Auto-leveling frees you from tedious and laborious leveling tasks.

4.Support filament exhaustion detection, timely remind filament shortage or cut filament.

5.Resume printing function, when the power is restored, the printer continues to print from the point of interruption.

6.XY axis uses TMC2208 256 subdivision silent driver, enables high precision printing, reduces noise, makes printing speed up to 300mm / s.

7.Max. 235 * 235 * 235mm printing size, support various 1.75mm printing filaments like PLA, ABS, PETG, Wood Filament and more. Support multilingual operation. (English, Chinese, French, German, Russian, Korean, Spanish)

8.3.5-inch full-color sensitive touch screen is easy to operate and its highly sensitive control board makes quick response to every click to ensure getting expected printing results.

9.Twin turbofans are employed to speed up the cooling process and rapid solidification of the printing model and prevent deformation.
Dual-gear extruder to provide larger extrusion force and guarantee smooth feeding.

10.The silent drive is utilized on the XY axis to obtain higher efficiency and stability, better noise reduction and less compression resistance.
Smart interruption and power detection design to enable printing start over from position stopped once power recovered.

11.Automatic leveling Reserve 3D/BL Touch automatic leveling device structure (optional).

12.Reserved WIFI module is also provided to customers as optional features which allow users to check the printing process or operate printing while not on site.

13.CNC machined XY axis mounting groove is employed for higher-precision printing precision.


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