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PUPPYOO A9EU Household Vacuum Cleaner

Long Working Time

In daily life, standard mode is enough to easily remove dust mites on the ground as well as large particle dust or difficult-to-remove dust.

Lightweight & Durable

Made of aluminum, lightweight, durable, it has excellent sound insulation.

Easy To Lift/Carry/Grip

Ergonomic design to help easily control the center of gravity.

Curved handle design for easy-to-grip and easy-to-hold high.

All-in-one Cleaning Mode

Address the need for deep or partial, fast cleaning.

Floor Cleaning

Selected 10mm soft and fluffy brush head to produce good cleaning effects on large particles, dust, hair and other matters on the floor/rug.

2-IN-1 Flat Suction Nozzle

Wire-free, convenient, fast able to clean surface of various furniture, folded corners, crack crevices and grooves.

Dual Use For Home And Car

Thoroughly remove dust and food debris left by children and so on in the cracks of leather and in-car corners.

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