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Proscenic D500 2000Pa Strong Suction LDS Laser Navigation Robot Vacuum Cleaner 

LDS Laser Navigation Technology

The vacuum cleaner robot can use probe scans to create a precise virtual environment map, so the robotic vacuum cleaner can design the best cleaning path for efficient cleaning.

APP Control & Alexa Voice Control

Use the Proscenic Home App or Alexa Voice Control (Skill Name: ProscenicRobot) to control the robot, schedule cleaning schedules, adjust the water flow speed and monitor the cleaning path, etc.

V-shaped Roller Brush

The large suction opening is 20 cm wide and collects dust in the center of the suction, wear-resistant film forms a barrier against the entanglement of the hair and is easy to clean.

Automatic Charging

When the cleaning work is in the low battery state, the vacuum cleaner itself returns to the charging state and starts to charge after the charging is completed, returning to the final cleaning position to continue the cleaning.


Thanks to the imported engine from Nidec Japan, this vacuum robot has a strong suction force of up to 2000 Pa, which makes it quick and easy to clean the job.


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