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Merax 4D Vibration Plate Machine Triple Motor LCD Display Resistance Bands 

99 speed ranges emit strong vibrations.

Vertical and horizontal 4D vibration improve coordination and strength.

Three vibration modes simulate training effects, from walking to jogging and running on one machine.

Triple motors with 200 W, 200 W and 30 W power each.

Removable push-up handles for chest, triceps and shoulder training.

Removable resistance bands make this platform a perfect home gym cardio machine.

Non-slip rubber surface and suction cup offer a secure and reliable grip.

The elegant and user-friendly LED display is easy to use and read.

With a practical wristband remote control, you can set up your workout individually by varying the vibration intensity and speed.

The compact vibration plate can be easily stowed in the corner.

The easy-to-read training instructions make it easy for you to train your entire body.


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