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Longer LK5 Pro FDM 3D Printer Printing Size 300*300*400mm

90% Pre-assembled & Large Print Size

90% of the printers are pre assembled, and most of the parts are assembled before leaving the factory. 300*300*400mm large printing size to meet diverse printing requirements.
With the reinforcement design of diagonal tie rod, a stable triangle structure is formed, which can effectively reduce the vibration and make the printing more stable.

Upgraded Lattice Glass Plate

Unlike old printing hotbed, LK5 Pro uses lattice glass plate, which has a microporous structure, which not only makes the model easier to remove but also makes the hotbed flatter, provide better printing effect.

TMC2208 Silent Driver & Support Open Source

The LK5 PRO is integrated with 3kits of TMC2208 chipsets for the X / Y / Z axis for quiet printing, which will be reduced less nosie from the motor. Ultra silent TMC2208 driver, 256 subdivision, more fine printing, more delicate texture, ensure noiseless operation, suitable for home and office environment.
Developed with open sources mainboard for LK5 PRO, it will be easier for you to add an optional spare part onto the 3d printer, such as BLTouch for auto-leveling or upgrade with Marlin 2. X version for the beta test.
Open source firmware, customers can change C code according to their own needs.

Resume Printing and Filament Detector Function

The printer can save the printing record when power-off, and continue printing when the power is back again. Auto stop the print and prompt user when the filaments run out or break, saving time and filament.

4.3 Inch Full Color TouchScreen

With 4.3-inch full-color touchscreen, optimized UI interface, easy to operate, can view the printing process in real time, and bid farewell to the traditional manual knob screen.

High-temperature Resistant Teflon Tube

The LK5 Pro is equipped with a high-temperature resistance teflon tube to stand up to 280℃, and it's not easy to clog inside the nozzle and will provide constant quality of printing.


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