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Auto Follow

Wear the smart watch, switch on auto-follow, and the robot would move after you.

Gesture Sensor

Its gesture sensor, working by infrared, is capable of detecting simple gestures, such as forward, backward, left turn and right turn, thus enabling kids to control the robot with a swipe of hand.

Gesture Detection Zone

Swipe hands away from the sensor in the detection zone for effective results.

Two Control Modes

With the remote control mode and smart watch control mode, easy and funny to use.

Dynamic Dance Moves

Once enabled, the robot will wow you with its dynamic steps and moves by the tempo and beat .

Learn Through Play

The thoughtful design gives the robot the capability of telling stories and speaking English with kids, offering them a fun and educational way to learn through play.

Intelligent Programming

After programming, press the button to see how the robot would surprise you by displaying all the programmed movements coherently and smoothly


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