8,99 €

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This bulb does not include the lamp base or light wire. 


A Softer, Lower Glow

Comparing with a typical Edison bulb or a LED bulb, it emits a lower, softer glow that will not burn your retinas.

Conversational lighting

Great decorating ideas for a reading nook, whether they're in bedrooms, living room corners, Christmas, home decoration, chaises, bathroom or around a vanity mirror. 

Safe & Durable

An insulated wire separator to prevent it from short circuit and an anti-corrosion nickel plated base for a sure point-of-contact, offering more stable performance and longer lifespan.


Saves up to 90% more energy than an incandescent bulb. That saved energy is money we are saving.

No Heating Up

Designed to be more energy-efficient and better at heating dissipation.

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