Pablo Bisoglio Nació en Buenos Aires.

Estudió Diseño Gráfico en la UBA, actualmente trabaja como docente.

Realizó Ilustraciones y colaboraciones para medios nacionales e internacionales.

Sus trabajos personales fueron exhibidos en muestras colectivas realizadas en Buenos Aires, Londres, Zurich, Costa Rica, Estockolmo, Bilbao, Mar del plata y Beijing.


Pablo Bisoglio is a visual artist and illustrator based in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

He has illustrated numerous works for a range of international publishers and magazines, including: Wired (USA) Ford Magazine (Argentina), Young Creative Network (UK), Fortune-Time inc. (USA), Grupo de Revistas La Nacion (Argentina) Panasonic (UK), Roger (UK), Teachersmag (UK), Diego (Sweden), Sushi (germany), Flattenmag (China), Reach+ (Japan), Odicca (USA), RevistaColectiva (Costa Rica) and Universal Music (Brazil) among others.

Before establishing himself as a full-time freelancer in 2004, Pablo worked for a Buenos Aires-based graphic design company creating CD and DVD booklets.

He was also involved in motion graphics development for television post-production projects.


Exhibitions: (Zurich)
Ink Illustration Rally (Bilbao)
Amigos de lo Ajeno. TurboGaleria (Buenos Aires)
YCN At Royal college of Art (Londres)
Nati conti-Pablo Bisoglio. Buenas Noches Trimarchi (Bs.As)
YCN At Stockolm (Estocolmo),
Bubi treeson exhibition (Hong Kong)
ArteBA 2009. Turbo Galeria (Buenos Aires)
Puma Urban Art. 2009. (Buenos Aires)
Trimarchi 2009 (Mar del Plata)
Pablo Bisoglio Soltar y Saltar. TurboGaleria (Buenos Aires)
Despacio Martinez (Buenos Aires)
7mo Salon De Arte Joven 2009. Salon Tattersal (S.Isidro.)
Code-Create Berlin. Unesco City of design Exhibition (Berlin)
Diseño Responsable. Museo de arte contemporaneo. (Costa Rica)


Press & Collabs

ComputerArts (UK)
MacUser (UK)
Art Directors Club / ADC Sushi (GER)
Bestia (ARG)
Brando (ARG)
Idea Illustrator (JAP)
Latex For Fun / DieGestaltenVerlag (GER)
YCN Ideas Illustrated (UK)
Reach (JAP)
Oddica (USA)
Carnemag (ARG)
Revista Colectiva (C.RICA)
AdvanceMinority (SWISS)